Додатне слике

Додатне слике

“VB–10” Soldier of the future

Project "VB–10" comprises 4 subsystems:

  • Weapons subsystem
  • Fire control and command and control subsystem
  • Subsystem for autonomous execution of combat missions
  • Subsystem for protection and survival in the battlefield

The level of combat power of infantrymen according to project "VB-10" has been determined in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • High effectiveness in waging combat against all types of manpower, unprotected or protected with ballistic vests, within the zone of barrage fire;
  • Higher fire accuracy and automation in preparing of firing data;
  • Increased firing accuracy on targets at night and in rapid opening of fire before bringing the rifle to shoulder support;
  • Ability to present targets and various information in real time;
  • Ensuring automatic rifle fire in different positions and firing postures without taking conventional firing position (line of sight between shooter's eye, reticle of optical sight and target);
  • Firing behind cover (corner of building or above the head level) without exposing the shooter to enemy vision and fire;
  • High efficiency in waging combat in urban environment, ability to survey the area and point out targets, quick aiming with both eyes, firing from the hip without direct aiming, quick transfer of fire;
  • Efficient and rapid handling of all optoelectronic and communication equipment controls situated on rifle front hand grip and safe communications within the zone of combat operation (digitalization of battlefield);
  • Reliable detection of different irradiations in the battlefield and efficient protection from different types of contaminants;
  • Reliable ballistic protection from artillery shell and hand grenade fragments and small arms ammunition;
  • Availability of necessary combat resources, weapons and equipment and optimization of their carrying, enabling soldiers to carry out continuous combat actions without additional supply and with minimum psycho-physical strain.