Додатне слике

Додатне слике


The Serbian M46/10 155 mm / 45 cal. converted gun  have been based on the famous Soviet 130mm M-46 gun, where the barrel has been replaced with new 155 mm with 45 caliber length. It is representing a modern, highly  versatile and cost-effective solution   of  powerfull fire support weapon, boasting features like:

  • combat weight of 7680 kg,
  • field of action 50 degrees in azimuth and minus 2.5 Deg to 45 Deg in elevation,
  • capable of firing all standard 155mm NATO ammunition including modern long range artillery projectile ERFB (range of 30 km) and ERFB-BB (max range of 39 km) with appropriate combustible cartridge cases.

Crew training, operation and maintenance, as well as weapon basic operation performances (in-action / out of action time, elevation and traverse aiming speed, rate of fire  etc) are performed in the similar way as for existing 130mm M-46 gun.

Type of Ammunition that can be fired:

SHELL                                                              FUZE

HE M107                           Point detonating PD 557

Illumination M118                               MTSQ M501

Smoke WP M110            Point detonating PD 51A5

HE ERFB M03               Point detonating UTIU M02

HE ERFB-BB M03         Point detonating UTIU M02

                                       Electronic time fuze M-09

                                                Proximity fuze M-10

Scope of Upgrade

A) Under the conversion program certain gun sub-systems have been replaced or redesigned, such as:

  • Replace of 130 mm barrel with new 155 mm / 45cal. barrel with new breach block assembly and new muzzle brake (twin-chamber, casted)
  • Sealing system in the counter-recoil subsystem (including recoil brake and recuperator) have been redesigned
  • Sealing system in the equilibrators have been redesigned
  • New breach block design includes integration of self-sealing system operating with combustible powder charges
  • New sighting system including the optical sight reticle and changing of sight mechanisms to NATO mils (1/6400),
  • New pneumatic rammer for projectile and propellant charges (optionally)
  • Integration of new FCS into converted gun battery/battalion structure, including weapon-integrated gun display 


B) Breech ring, breech nut, front and back collar of the barrel and breech connecting parts have been retained.

 Compared to the standard M-46, the up-gunned 155mm/45 the following advantages:

  • 34% increase in range
  • 260% increase in terminal effectiveness.
  • 330% increase in lethal area.
  • Compatibility with all standard 155mm NATO ammunition
  • No crew training required.
  • Small increase in total weight.
  • The basic output performances are same as most current 155mm systems.
  • Three to five times, less expensive than new similar systems.


Main Technical Characteristics of the Up gunned 155mm/45 M46/96 Gun:


a)  Weapon Dimensions in Traveling Position:

- Length:                                                        11170mm

- Height:                                                          2650mm

- Width:                                                           2400mm

-  Clearance:                                                     400mm

- Height of the Line of Fire:                            1380mm

b) Weight of the Weapon:

- Combat position:                                             7680kg

- Traveling position:                                          8428kg

- Recoil parts:                                                    2930kg

- Elevation parts:                                               3860kg

c) Field of Action

- In elevation:           Minus 2.5 degrees to 45 degrees

- In azimuth:                                                50 degrees

 d) Number of crew:                                               8+1

 e) Max rate of fire;                2-3 rounds per minute *

 f) Normal rate of fire:               1-2 rounds per minute

 g) Sustained rate of fire: 60 rounds per first hour of fire

 * 3-4 with pneumatic rammer (optionally)

 Maximum range:

 - 39,000 m using ERFB-BB projectile.

-  30,300 m using ERFB projectile.