Додатне слике

Додатне слике

UORZ -Radar warning and direction finding system

 The UORZ is an advanced digital radar warning receiver (ADRWR) that automatically detects, identifies and alerts the crew to each threat. It determines the emitter’s direction and mode of operation such as search, track and missile guidance. As a part of a threat warning system, it is central hub for integrating other Electronic Warfare (EW) sensors and countermeasures.

The UORZ can be rapidly deployed and can operate as a portable unit, or a stationary fixed based operation, or mounted on a different platform/vehicle, such as ground surveillance vehicle, tanks, radar stations... Because of its law weight, it is very capable, compact system suited to low-fliers such as helicopters and transport aircraft where engagement ranges can be short, and rapid reaction is required.

The UORZ identifies emitters and systems by matching measured data to a pre-loaded, user-controlled library initiating warnings and countermeasures, if necessary. Recordings of the intercepts can be stored for post mission analysis and updating of central database.

The UORZ lightweight equipment provides proven situational awareness and self-protection capability. With a virtual 100% probability of intercept and rapid time to intercept, UORZ is as ideally suited to today’s low altitude, short range engagements as it is to long range engagements. Using its system controller, UORZ has been shown to co-ordinate integrated sensors and countermeasures to provide full protection to the platform and crew. With an extensive emitter and tactics programming capability, as well as the ability to record the electromagnetic environment, UORZ is truly adaptive to today’s battlefield providing vital protection and engagement intelligence.