Додатне слике

Додатне слике


TRZ (Technical Overhauling Institution) is the institution of the Army of Serbia whose basic activity is technical maintenance and general overhauling of combat technology including corresponding systems, set of machines and devices.

It was founded in 1925 in the city of Čačak.



• Armored vehicles : Caterpillar-type armored vehicles ( Tanks, Armored transporters and caterpillar type vehicles, automotive weapons guns and howitzers) and Armored wheel-type vehicles( Armored automobiles and transporters, Special automobiles (commanding))

• Unarmored vehicles (TRZ performs repair and testing of power transmission system, steering system, braking system, elastic suspension system etc.)

• Artillery weapons (Antiaircraft cannons, Antitank cannons, Tank cannons , Cannon howitzers, Howitzers Mine-throwers)and Firing arms (Pistols,Automats, Machine guns and light machine guns,Rifles and carbines, Hand throwers, Recoilless cannons, Mine-throwers 82) etc.

• Means of communication and electronics

• Instruments (optic and opt electronic)- Replacement and cleaning optical elements, eliminating parallax of reticle, adjusting position of movable-unmovable ocular comparing to reticle, adjusting range (possibility of dioptrically adjusting) of ocular, eliminating picture distortion, eliminating unparallel optical axes, eliminating deviation of optical axis from vertical plain.

• Hydraulic devices

• Missiles (Missiles of domestic and foreign producers with semiautomatic or automatic guidance, testing rocket means, trainers, rocket throwers, light interference indicators, as well as special systems for infantry vehicles.

• Electro aggregates, aggregates and installations

• Fire extinguishers and high pressure

The development of TRZ is a continuous process to which special attention is being given. In current conditions of technological and personnel qualification the activities on development are directed toward:


• Starting of general overhauling of new technical means in the Army of Serbia

• Modification and modernization of the means;

• Projecting and setting new technological lines and modernization of the existing;

• Production of technological projects of overhauling departments and of the Institution itself;

• Giving technical help while putting certain objects or technological lines in operation;

• Starting production of spare parts;

• Starting new products of the Institution (military equipment and teaching aids);

• Training of the personnel for TMS maintenance by organizing special training courses.

Also in TRZ’s offers a various kind of machining, products(Spare parts, little spades hunting carbine, digital endoskope DE-07, teaching aids) and Engeneering services.