Додатне слике

Додатне слике



The 262/122 mm MLRS is designed as a modular system. The modularity is reflected
in the possibility of using launch pods armed with 262 mm rockets and all variants of
122 mm rockets.
The 262/122 mm MLRS is a completely automated weapon equipped with the GPS
and INS that can perform a preset mission with full autonomy.
The basic option uses disposable launch pods. The 262/122 mm MLRS is capable of
receiving two spare 122 mm launch pods. The system is (un)loaded with a hoisting
device mounted on the platform. Another option is to use disposable launch tubes.

The 262/122 mm MLRS consists of the following sub-systems:
- The vehicle
- The launcher superstructure
- The launch modules
- The hoisting device used for launcher loading
- The automatic system with drives
- The fire control system

Basic technical data
Range 70 km (262 mm) and 40 km (122 mm)
Caliber 262 mm, 122 mm
Launching device Disposable launch modules
Number of launch modules 2
Number of tubes per launch module 6 (262 mm), 25 (122 mm)
The launch modules are designed for
- Giving direction when launching
- Locking the rocket when traveling
- Electrical ignition of the rocket motor
- Stowage and storage
Operating temperature range 243 K to 327 K
Operating range
- Elevation 3° - 60°
- Traversing ±110°
Elevation and traverse
- Automatic
- Semi-automatic
- Manual
Accuracy of elevation and azimuth angles ±00-01 (64-00 division)
Accuracy of MLRS position ±1 m
Accuracy of MLRS orientation in firing position ± 00-01
Angular rate
- Elevating mechanism: 2°/s max
- Traversing mechanism: 3°/s max
Vehicle 8 x8 KAMAZ 6560 with armored cab
Crew Three, accommodated in the truck cab
Loading Standard loading/unloading lifting device on the utility vehicle
or auto-loading the spare set accommodated on the platform
Weapon stabilization Stabilized by way of four legs
Orientation and navigation INS and GPS
Combat mission Autonomous
Slope correction Automatic, using a special device – up to 5°
Electronic trigger
- Burst fire with variable time intervals: 0.8 s to 4 s
- Single fire
- Firing from the truck cab or a shelter at 25 m
Time to prepare for firing 90 s
Time to retreat 90 s
Protection and camouflage Mechanic tarpaulin protection, optional Camouflage network
Weight 35000 kg (max)
- Length (max) 10500 mm
- Width (max) 2600 mm
- Height (max) 2800 mm
Transport Railway, trailer, ship, aircraft