Додатне слике

Додатне слике

T-72 main battle tank upgrade package

   T-72 upgrade proposal improves all three areas of main battle tank performance: firepower, mobility and protection.

Main areas of firepower improvements are:
  • new fire control system, with high first round hit probability,
  • new main gun of improved performance, resulting with superior accuracy,
  • introduction of APFSDS-T and tandem shaped charge (HEAT) rounds into existing combat set,
  • fitting the gun barrel with thermal sleeve,
  • integration of NSV anti-aircraft machine gun,
  • passivization of commander’s night vision device and driver’s night vision periscope.

One of the measures aimed at firepower increase is replacement of original gun with 2A46M version, boasting following advantages:

  • ability to fire all types of standard 125 mm ammunition, including laser beam riding anti-armour missiles,
  • replacement of barrel in field conditions within 4 hours, without turret disassembling,
  • new breach block design
Enhancements in the mobility area include:
  • integration of new PP1000 powerpack unit of increased performance,
  • new track link with rubber pads,
Protection enhancements comprise:
  • fitting the tank’s hull and turret with explosive reactive armour tiles,
  • side and front mounted impregnated rubber skirt,
  • Halon based fire extinguishing system,
  • overpressure based NBC protection subsystem,
  • smoke grenades dischargers mounted on either sides of the turret,
  • self-entranching equipment,
  • anti-explosion kit for increased protection for fuel tanks,
  • reduced signature footprint in various segments of electromagnetic spectrum,
  • electromagnetic anti-tank mine protection system.
Other improvements include:
  • installation of commander’s panoramic stabilized optronic surveillance and