Додатне слике

Додатне слике

SOKO SP RR 122mm truck-mounted howitzer

SOKO SP RR 122 mm (Self-Propelled Rapid Response) truck-mounted gun-howitzer is based on integration of 122 mm D-30 J howitzer with 6x6  truck chassis

 The SOKO SP RR 122 mm truck-mounted howitzer family represents a modern artillery system, particularly intended for modern joint combat units and rapid deployment forces, highly integrated at brigade, regiment and battalion level, intended for rapid response to challenges of modern digital battlefield, characterized wide range of tactical scenarios low and high intensity conflicts, including large antiterrorist and antiguerrilla operations featuring:

  •  High firepower, due to long range, high rate of fire and advanced fire control system
  • Short fire response capability
  • High fire saturation capability and time critical target engagement capability due to integration of modern FCS and extremely high rate of fire
  • High combat autonomy, due to large combat set
  • High tactical, operation and strategic mobility due to compact and highly mobile cross-country truck chassis  High combat survivability, due to short marching to fire position and vice-versa transition time and armored protection
  • Possibility of highly accurate direct firing, particularly important in emergency tactical situations as well as fire support of antiterrorist operations
  • Low crew fatique, due to electro-hydraulic resting system and semi-automatic loading mechanism with pneumatic rammer operating with separete loaded ammunition
  • High combat versatility, due to possibility for direct and indirect firing, auxiliary MG, FCS armour protection against small arms fire and fragmentation, as well as using of all standard 122 mm ammunition intended for basic D-30 122mm howitzer.
  • High stability during firing all elevations, due to advanced resting system consisting of two foldable hydraulically - operated spades
  • Possibility for integration with modern BMS , due to integration of advanced FCS
  • Possibility of using of standard („Kitolov“) laser guided projectile systems, giving a mobile or pinpoint target engagement capability indirect fire


SOKO SP RR 122 mm self propelled gun-howitzer has been designed for engagement of following target types:

  •   Artillery systems, mortars and various types of combat and noncombat vehicles
  •  Sheltered and non-sheltered manpower
  •  Field fortifications, logistic and storage facilities
  •  C3 (Command, Control, Communication) infrastructure nodes
  •  Facilities of special military or industrial significance