Serbian has been using the howitzer D-30 since the middle of 70’s,and during this time our experts have meticulously studied the howitzer and all of it’s subsystems, including the ammunition. Because of needs for greater range and enhanced terminal efficiency, modernization program was started for upgradation of both ordnance and ammunition. In that way,Serbia  was one of the first countries to start upgrade program if D-30, and as a result reliable artillery systems has been created It’s designation became D-30J (J standing for Yugoslavia). The part of that upgrade program was developing of new ammunition, where by technical modifications range was enhanced from 15,2 to 17,5km. Quality and reliability of these advanced solutions were proven in armed conflicts worldwide. By these ambitious programs, Serbia has become one of the leaders in the area of 122mm, both in artillery systems and ammunition.

 Serbian designers’ knowledge, experience and creativity were combined to produce ammunition family whit the following features. low barrel wear (due to physical and chemical properties of powder charges) high max. range of projectiles - in the terms of range, our ammunition is among the best in the world, providing important tactical advantages high terminal efficiency is obtained by modern shell body design, material and manufacturing technology, use of modern explosives and impact, superquick and delay action fuzes and proximity fuzes possibility of using both Western and Eastern -origin type of fuzes, due to application of simple screw-type fuzeadapter high durable brass cartridge case high reliability and safety under various environmental conditions long shelf life 122mm ammunition is intended for: destruction of war materiel (including armour materiel) annihilation of personnel on the opened terrain and in the field fortification and shelters neutralization of fortified and non-fortified point and area targets Asmoke screening of the battlefield