Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Protective filtrating suit OFZ


The OFZ protective filtrating suit is intended for efficient multiple protection of a wearer against the effects of gases/vapours and single protection against the effects of droplets/aerosols of toxic agents as well as of burning thermal radiation impulse of a nuclear explosion and napalm composition droplets. It is to be worn above standard warfare uniform. 

Before and during chemical attack, under high temperature conditions and physical efforts, it could be worn above military shirt only.


The OFZ is made of inner and outer layer. The inner layer is made of cotton fabric impregnated with activated carbon dispersion and reinforced with polyamide textile. The outer layer is made of polyester/ cotton mixture impregnated to be both oleophobic and hydrophobic The suit has two pieces: a blouse with a sewed up hood and pants. It is compatible with protective mask, gloves, overcoat, socks, boots and helmet.