Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Programmable drone PRM-200

PRM-200 is a programmable drone that has been designed for training of AD crews by:

  • Live firing by medium-range AD missiles with radar or lR guidance;
  • Live firing by air-to-air missiles with radar or IR homing systems;
  • Live firing by light AA artillery systems equipped with radar FCS.

PRM-200 is fitted with two optical and two IR or smoke flares for increase of their IR signature. The flares are adjustable to ignite from 10 to 80 seconds upon launching and then burn for 35 seconds.

PRM-200 radar signature is provided by Luneberg Iens (passive radar reflector) built in the forward and aft sections of the rocket target.

PRM-200 can be launched from the advanced trainer/combat G-4 “Super Galeb” or similar aircratt provided with additional relevant equipment and target carrying and launching kit.

PRM-200 is launched-and-forgotten by the pilot at aircraft speeds of Mach 0.5 to 0.8. If the target is not hit, the programmer unit activates the target self-destructing device.

The guidance system is self-contained, programmable and comprises a barometric altimeter and two free gyroscopes. Its guidance is programmed before fixing PRM-200 on the launcher aboard the aircraft platform.