Додатне слике

Додатне слике

PP1200 main battle tank powerpack unit


Engine V46-TK-1 is also a multi-fuel, four-stroke Diesel engine with direct injection, turbo-charger and autonomous air intercooling, developed based on certain re-designing of V46-TK engine and integration of new (improved) units for fuel and air supply, lubrication and cooling. These improvements led to the engine rated power of 882 kW.  


Air supply system

Air filters are the same as the filters for V46-TK engine, and the system consists of a cyclone dust separator and dry (fine) filter. Dust from the cyclon part is continually discharged during engine operation, and the dry filter allows for easy and reliable regeneration.

Turbo-chargers remained the same, and some adjustments were made in the exhaust system design and charger drive in order to achieve high engine efficency and flexibility in torque.

Air intercooler is an integral part of the engine. It is highly compact and its most advanced technology provides for high efficiency and low resistance. The air is cooled with water from an independent unit, separated from the engine cooling system. This system includes a pump for forced water circulation and coolers which are packed together with other coolers in the transmission compartment cover. This way the engine gets low temperature air, which increases engine power without the increase of thermal loads. 


Fuel injection unit

High pressure pump P-507 is a modern compact pump, made by modification of P-505 pump. It allows for greater fuel quantites and high pressure injections, which is one of the prerequisites for higher engine power and efficiency.

The pump drive has been fully re-designed to achieve more precise injection.


Lubrication unit

The lubrication unit concept has been re-designed only in the filter section. The filters are now integreted with the engine, while the other assemblies remained unchanged, as in V-46 TK engine.


Cooling unit

The new cooling unit with two fans is compact, small and light. Heat exchanges of all working agents - for cooling, engine and transmission oil and engine air – are integrated in a common housing making a unique modular pack with the fan spirals.

The pack has been designed for application on this modular power pack with this engine, and has reliable operation in all operating modes at temperatures of -30 to +530C.