PP1000 main battle tank powerpack unit

PP1000 powerpack has been designed for mobility enhancement on T-72 main battle tank family and other main battle tanks of 2nd and 3rd generation. It is comprised of V46-TK engine, providing output of 735 kW (1000 HP), coupled with V1000-7 transmission and other subsystems with minimum additional work on the hull.

  • Configuration                                     V12/60
  • Bore. mm                                           50
  • Displacement, litres                            38.88
  • Compression ratio                              13.5:1
  • Weight, kg                                         1080
  • Dimensions, mm                                1623x1026x949
  • Power output, kW (HP), at 2000 rpm    735(1000)


By integrating PP1000 powerpack, following benefits have been gained:


  • power-to-weight ratio has been improved from    18.6 to 23.8 kW/t,
  • maximum tankís speed has increased from                    60 km/h to 65 km/h,
  • acceleration from 0 to 32 km/h has decreased from        14 s to 8.7 s,
  • specific fuel consumption has dropped from                  250 g/kWh to 230 g/kWh,
  • overall reliability has been improved.


V46-TK is four-stroke, liquid cooled, multifuel, diesel engine with direct fuel injection, turbocharged with intermediate air cooling.


Fuel injection pump design features following enhancements:

  • modern P 505 universal pump, of low weight,
  • high injection pressure, up to 1150 bar,
  • short injection time,
  • new injector design with improved characteristics.


PP1000 transmission system

  • transmission layout is the same as in the T-72 MBT,
  • design of some units was changed to a large extent,
  • all design changes were carried out without any deterioration in mounting and overall dimensions,
  • basic units of V1000-7 transmission steer and lubrication system are not change,
  • minor changes were performed only on the hydraulic installation.