Додатне слике

Додатне слике

POS 145 Shoulder launched anti-tank guided weapon, fire-and-forget

POS 145 - Shoulder launched anti-tank guided weapon, fire-and-forget

 POS 145 is a light AT fire & forget guided missile. It is developed primarily for missions against moving tanks, armored vehicles and fortifications. Its guidance system is based on the video/infrared homing head.

 By way of the monitor in the eyepiece, the operator acquires the target and presses the launch button. The missile follows approximately the ballistic trajectory in the vertical plane, providing for a greater angle of incidence. Based on the image obtained from the HH, the missile trajectory can be corrected to match the target speed, which results in automatic hit of the moving target.

 The system consists of the missile in container and the launching mechanism with the handgrip fitted with the trigger and built-in joystick for camera control and the eyepiece with a mini monitor. The container is a disposable unit, so after launching a new container with missile can be easily fitted on the launching mechanism.

POS 145 missile composition (with tandem warhead)

  1. Propulsion section / Booster motor
  2. Wings with control surfaces
  3. Heat warhead
  4. Battery block
  5. Electronic block
  6. Front heat warhead
  7. Homing head
  8. Container
  9. Monitor
  10. Handgrip with trigger

Missile Performance

Max Range

> 1.5 Km



Shape charge 145mm, 6.4 Kg

Penetrability:  > 1000 mm (RHA - Rolled Homogenous Armor with ERA)

Min Range

0.4 Km

Hit Probability


Weight (Missile)

14 Kg


Terminal Guidance HH

Weight (with container)

17 Kg

Seeker Type

Un-cooled IIR or


Dimension (with container)


Launch profile


Diameter of missile


Storage temperature

-40°C to +60°C

Shelf Life


10 Years

Operating temperature

-35°C to +60°C