Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Patrol boat AL-8K–N

Main Dimensions:

  • Length overall                   Loa         =12.0m
  • Breadth max                      Bm         =3.74m
  • Draught                                d             =0.45m
  • Full displacement             D             =6.47t
  • Speed on trials cca.         v              =32knots

Boat’s Designation, Areas of Navigation:


The boat is designed and made for patrol service in coastal areas. It is operational during day and night, as in conditions of reduced visibility.

The boat’s cruising range will be cca. 300 nm. The boat will be built under the supervision of the international classification society.


Hull Form:

The hull will have a sharp hogging V form, with pronounced chine along the entire boat’s length, transom stern and bow wave deflector. The deck will have linear sheer from aft to fore.




One structural fuel tank with cca 750 l capacity will be available for fuel storage.

A rigid water tank cca 50 l capacity will be fitted in the boat.


Materials and Building System:


Both the hull and the cabin will be made of aluminium alloys AlMg4,5Mn and AlMg3.

The construction will be completely welded. Transversal building system will be applied.




The steering will be done by reversing the DP-drives in both directions. Reversing and control are effected from the wheelhouse steering desk.

Equipment for Navigation and Direction Finding:

o             Radar

o             Gyro compass

o             Depth sounder  and speedometer

o             Radio Equipment

•             One VHF radiotelephone

•             One SSB radiotelephone

•             One VHF handheld transceivers

Anchors and chains with equipment

The boat will be equipped with two anchors, main anchor, type Danforth, 25 kg in weight, with nylon rope x16 mm and auxiliary anchor folding type 15 kg in weight.




Eight (8) life jackets will be placed under seats in saloon. One (1) life buoy with attached rope will be on the cabin’s roof stbd, with boat’s name inscription.

The boat will be provided with 3 (three) portable fire extinguishers, one in the cabin and two in the engine room.

Ventilation system for cabin

Ventilation system for engine room




Two four stroke turbo charged diesel engines with aggregated DP drives will be used for boat’s propulsion.

- Power (crankshaft)                                      147         kW

- Power (propeller shaft)                              136         kW

- Rev N°cca                                                         3800       °/min

- N° of cylinders                                                6

  • Aggregates for Main Electric Power:

Main electric power on the boat will be 24 VDC and 12 VDC. It will be provided three battery groups, two for engines starting and one for other consumers supply. The batteries charging will be from one alternator aggregated on propulsion engines, or through rectifier.

  • Other Aggregates for Electric Power:

A ship to shore connection will be provided on board for supply during stay in port. A rectifier 220/12V, 20A will be provided through which battery charging will be possible.




Fuel Oil System

Lube Oil System

Cooling System

Exhaust and Fresh Air Supply System

Automation System for Machinery



Bilge System

Common Electric System:

All on board consumers will be supplied with 12 V DC. Supply and switching ON of all consumers will be from control desk in the wheelhouse. The control desk will be supplied from batteries through change-over switch.