Додатне слике

Додатне слике


Overhaul and repair depot of aircraft engines was founded in 1944, as an aircraft workshop for repair of every type of aircraft engines, of domestic and foreign origin, in the possession of the former Yugoslavia’s Air Force and Air Defence armament. In the long history of our factory we have been repairing the following types of engines: DAIMLER-BENZ, BMW, RENGER, PWR, PEGAS, American engines J-35-A-20, J-35-A-29, J-47-G-13, J-47-G-17 for airplanes TANDERGATE, SAYBRE and TV-2.

Since 1975, according to licence agreement with ROLLS-ROYCE, along with Rumanian firm TURBOMECHANICA, we have started the production of turbojet engines VIPER for GALEB and ORAO airplanes. Along with organizing of the turbojet engine manufacture, a large number of engine overhauls of the following series had been successfully carried out: R11 F-300, R 11 F2S-300, R 11F2SK-300, R 13-300, R 25-300 anticipated to various types of MIG-21 plane, 95Ш (Su 25).

Nowdays Overhaul and repair depot of aircraft engines is highly organized system with the most advanced high technologies, excellent facilities and expirienced staff (approximately 400 employees out of which 100 engineers, 10 masters of science and two with PhD diplomas) with great potentials for production and overhaul of turbojet engines of every type, particulary of the newly generation of engines, like RD 33 engine for MIG-29 airplane. The company also has metrological laboratory authorized by competent authorities for the metrology of electric and non-electric mesaures.

 Overhaul and repair depot of aircraft engines Production Possibilities

Overhaul and repair depot of aircraft engines has achieved a very high technological level in production of turbojet engines and the most complex assemblies, as in the field of the aircraft industry so in the field of a complete machine industry. The production capacities, top – level technologies and expert staff enable manufacturing of the most complex  assemblies and parts that are verified according to world standards of aeronautical industry ( over 4.000 various spare parts and assemblies).

Depot is successfully carrying out the following: production of turbojet engine spare parts, construction and production of the most complex tools, design, construction and production of the most complex test devices of the turojet engine assembiles and accessories. Depot also produces a great number of positions and parts for the following types of turbojet engines : VIPER 22/6, 531, 632/41, 632/46 and 633/41 (Rolls Royce produsts or licence); R 11 F-300, R 11 F2S-300, R 11 F2SK-300, R 13-300, R 25-300, RD-33 and RU I3-A-300 (eastern origin).

Depot has produced parts for turbojet engine which SNECMA produced in cooperation with GENERAL ELECTRIC (sealing ring, ventilation cover and rear flange).

Depot also produces spare parts ofent changed because of great stress and strain they are subjected to and parts - assemblies that are often demaged or ruined during the exploitation process, from the simplest linings to the extremly complex combustion chambers and other essential parts.

Thanks to our own ability in the field of machining on CNC machines, electro-discharge maschining, forming (rotary pressing, expanding, circular banding of sheet metal, excentre and hydraulic presses) and heat treatment in vacuum and in a protected atmosphere, ORAO produces the most complex parts, especially those of stainless steel.

 Our offer for the overhaul of the turbojet engines includes the following: general overhaul of turbojet engines, turbojet engines repair according to technical state and repair before expiring of resources, testing of new turbojet engines and accessories on the basis of user’s documentation, repair of turbo-prop engines of power up to 1103 kW (1500 HP), all types of turbojet engine components verification testings, determination of inter-overhaul resource and turbojet engine components service life and of the entire engine, as well as design, building out and equipment of overhaul halls and transfer of technologies.

 Depot has mastered general overhaul of turbojet engines with trus up to 2.000 daN (for subsonic engines) and up to 10.000 daN (for supersonic engines), as well as for subsonic turbojet engines VIPER 22-6, 531, 632-41, 632-46 and 633-41 (Rolls Royce products or licence), supersonic turbojet engines R 11F-300, R 11F2S-300, R 11F2SK-300, R 13-300, R 25-300 and 88-2C (RD-33) (eastern production), and gas turbines types Alliston (501-KA, 501-KB) and Proteus (15/529).

The overhaul technology is entirely encircled and is based on the most up-to-dated methods in detection and examination and, also, includes final adjustments and testing of the turbojet engines in order to provide maximum reliability in exploitation.

 The overhaul technology is entirely encircled and consists of the following: disassembly of engines, washing and cleaning of components, troubleshooting - non destructive crack detection by NDT (penetrant method, magnetic particle method, ultrasonic method, Eddy current method, X-ray method and endoscopy, regeneration of used parts in order to extend time limit of their use (technology of parts regeneration and protection by plasma spray method, surface processing methods (hard chrome plating, silver plating, cadmium plating anodising, nickel plating, black oxide plating, etc.),aluminising, sermetal and Vacuum Plasma Technology (Catodic Arc Deposition); high technology in the field of machining, forming, welding (TIG,electro-resistant, EBW, and high temperature brazing); impregnation in vacuum; heat treatment in vacuum and gas shielded; technology for increase of durability by shot peening, ultrasonic strengthening, and vibro-strengthening; modern equipment for static and dynamic balancing of rotating assemblies; other technologies without, which overhaul and production processes could not be even imagined.

General overhaul of aircraft engines is carried out in accordance with the world air force standards. We use technology of YAF which  is based on technology of original manufacturer, which is largely improved by us.

 The company posseses modern laboratory best equipped in the region, approved by competent authorities for metrology of electrical and non-electrical measures testing with and without destruction, as well as for development testing and the design of laboratory facilities.

Overhaul and repair depot of aircraft engines is certified by BIRO VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL –Paris certified ISO 9001/2000 and Serbian Army for Army Control of Quality - certified SNO 9000/97 which is compatible with ISO 9001.