Orao J-22

   ORAO - high performance aircraft, is designed according to modern operational requirements, and intended for ground attack and close air support (single seater) as well as for advanced training (double seater).

   ORAO aircraft is manufactured using sophisticated technologies. It is an all-metal shoulder wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear, having take-off and landing capability from prepared grass strips.


Shoulder monoplane with 3°30’ anhedral and 43° leading edge sweepback. It is equipped with leading edge manoeuvering flaps, boundary layer fences, slotted trailing edge flaps and ailerons with hydraulic actuators.


 Of semi-monocoque structure with two-door type airbrakes and detachable dorsal fairing allowing access to systems and flight controls. Rear part of the fuselage is detachable for engine mounting and removal.

Tail unit:

 Sweepback on all surfaces. Rudder and all-moving horizontal tail are actuated by hydraulic servos.



Outer dimensions


  • Wing span                                 9.62m
  • Length, overall (with pitot tubes)        15.361m
  • Fuselage length                        14.430 m
  • Height overall                           4.64 m
  • Wing aspect ratio                      3.33
  • Wheel track                              2.50 m
  • Landing gear base                     5.88 m

  • Wing                  26m2
  • Vertical tail        4.43m2
  • Tailplane            8.20m2        

 Mass and loadings
  • Empty equipped                                 6040 kg
  • Internal fuel                                       2450 kg
  • Normal take-off mass                       8740 kg
  • External stores                                  2800 kg
  • Maximum take-of mass                   11520 kg
  • Specific wing loading                       336 g/m2
  • Maximum specific thrust                0.572daN/kg


  • Max. level speed                                       1276 km/h
  • Min. speed                                                274km/h
  • Max. rate of climb                                     86m/s
  • Take — off distance to 15 m                    820 m
  • Landing distance of 15m                          1500 m
  • Landing run                                              1050 m
  • Landing run with deceleration parachute   670 m