Додатне слике

Додатне слике

MLRS Selfpropelled Multitube Modular Rocket Launcher

According to changed conditions of modern warfare, the development of the modern rocket system was started which will be capable to launch a different kind of missiles,  regarding to caliber or range, with folloving features:

  • Polymorphous (for different calibers and for different warheads)
  • Modular subsystems
  • Each function fully automated
  • FCS (Firing Control System) integrated
  • Capable for autonomous scheduled war missions
  • Effective logistics (interchangeable launching pods)


Modular Multi-calibre Multiple Launch Rocket System

  • Combat ranges: 40 km with GRAD-2000, 28 km with GRAD-M 122 mm, (20.6 WITH OGANJ) 12.5 km with 128 mm PLAMEN-D, 11.7 km with 107 mm M-06 artillery rockets
  • Advanced integrated FCS with INS, GPS, encoders, meteo sensor etc.   featuring fully automatic  mode of operation with automatic launcher  laying capability, as well as and semi-automatic and manual back up modes of operation
  • Automatic platform leveling system in order to compensate terrain slope
  • Short in action / out of action time (60s /30s)
  • Weapon combat set is consistinig of two disposable storage/transport/launching modules with 12 composite rocket cells(tubes)  per module (24 rockets per weapon) mounted on launcher cradle, based on  rotating platform;  this feature is enabling rapid reloading procedure by using of logistic vehicle equiped with reloading crane, as well as   integration into modern logistic and network-centric concept
  • Combat employment: Battery with 4-6 launchers, with autonomus (self-sufficient) combat mission capability for single launcher
  • Capability of integration with wide range of wheeled or tracked platfoms 





  • 8.6 km (rocket 128mm PLAMEN A)
  • 11.5km (rocket 107mm M07)
  • 12,6 km (rocket 128mm PLAMEN D)
  • 20.6 km (rocket 128mm OGANJ М77)
  • 40 km (rocket 122mm GRAD 2000)


  • Preparation time for mission at firing post: 45 s
  • Withdrawal time from firing post after mission: 30 s

MS MLRS Morava

Technical characteristics