Military knee and military gloves

Military knee and military gloves are produced on new machines for production, with average production capacity of half of million per year with current equipment and labors, with possibility for increasing in case of increased customer requirements. In production process, very high quality materials is using, as follows:

  1. Woolen yarn, raw material composition of 85 % wool , 15 % nylon, thickness 24 microns 
  2. Protective thread,  100 % polyamide

These products are unique, different from others in the way of knitting the following: wool thread goes directly to the skin of users and it provides thermal insulation and over and not going protective  thread , which has the function of the finished product protects against external influences of weather conditions (wind, coldness, humidity) and provides additional firmness as well as elasticity of the finished product which makes it very comfortable and easy to wear.