Додатне слике

Додатне слике

“MILICA“ anti-tank military robot system

Military robots are autonomous robots or remote-controlled devices designed for military applications,

  • to substitute men in all dangerous situation,
  • to improve soldier safety and efficiency,
  • to observe, detect, identify and destroy explosive ordnance
  • to prevent any lost of lifes and material values
  • to neutralize the terroristic groups activities




   “MILICA“  is a modern remote controlled short range anti-tank system on unmanned two-tracked vehicle based on the newest IP and wireless technology. The main purpose of this system is protection of expected attack routes of MBT (Main Battle Tanks) and other types of AFV (Armored Fighting Vehicle) and system also can be engaged for tactical destructions of different types of field fortificated objects. The system is also very effective as a support for special infantry units during action of intelligence, observation and monitoring on unsecured areas on different types of fields and also in urban conditions.

   The system has modular capabilities with possibility of simple changing type of weapons. It works in all weather conditions and almost on all types of grounds. The system has possibility of building a great network of same type systems and connecting them with a command information system (C4I) on the higher level. It is possible to control and command with dozens of systems from only one command post.