Додатне слике

Додатне слике

M91 E-I/M91 E-II Turret system 30/1

VIDRA turret has been designed for upgrade of APC and IFVs tracked (BVP M80 YU, BMP-1, BTR-50....) and wheeled (BTR-60/70….).

Main subsystems are:

a) Turret armament
  • 30 mm M86 Automatic cannon.
  • 7.62mm M86 coaxial Machine Gun,
  • Antitank Missile Launcher for missile Malyutka,
  • 82mm M79 smoke pot discharge system.
b) Turret subsystems:
  • Electric semiautomatic laying device,
  • SACLOS guidance unit for ATGM Malyutka,
  • Fire control system
  • Hydraulic installation and
  • Electric installation.
  • Optionally 2 axes stabilization system can be added
c) Turret body
  • Turret subsystem organization is given in appendix 1 hereto

30 mm cannon has been designed for engagement of ground targets (manpower and lightly armoured targets) and aerial targets (helicopters and low flying aircraft).