Додатне слике

Додатне слике


Model M-84 AB1 represents the last - the actual variant of modern combat tank which development is based on the modification and modernization of the basic version M-84 i.e. M-84 AB.

The upgrade has improved a main tank performance parameters: fire power, protection and maneuverability, as well as has improved tank combatv readiness and reliability and gived a new features and performances regarding possibility for MBT integration in to modern network-centric battlefield

1.Installation of a new Fire Control System (FCS) Integrated Dual Axis Day/Night Stabilized Gunners Sight Independent Dual Axis Stabilized line of Sight (head mirror)

2.Installation of a Passive Intelligence Radar System (PIRS) and laser warning system

3.Installation of a Panoramic Surveillance and observation station (TOMS)

4.Integration of Battle Management System ( BMS)

5.Installation of a Remotely operated HMG or Remotelly Controlled Weapon Station - RCWS as opition

6.Instalation of fuel explosion protection

7. Instalation of engine protection system

8.Instalation of new NBS subsystem

9.Instalation of ERA

10. Instalation of Anti –Mine Electromagnetic protection

11. Instalation of air conditioning system

12.Increased ammunition combat set, including a new generation of APFSDS projectile and barel-launching laser guided missile

13. Instalation of Modernized Running Gear

 Fire Control System

New fire control system enables rapid preparation for fire engagement, high accuracy in range measurement and high first round kill probability either in motion or standstill, both day and night.

The new FCS solution enables the commander to take the gunner’s role in case of emergency and to fire at selected targets.

Modernization includes:

- Integration of day/night sight featuring four operating channels (day, thermal, laser range finding channel and laser channel for missile guidance)

- Integration of laser rangefinder

- Installation of meteo sensors

Passive Intelligence Radar System

- Modern digital passive intelligence radar system which automatically detects, identifies and warns a crew of air or ground threats.

-Detects the azimuth and the operating modes of the radar radiation source, providing a warning about a surveillance radar, tracking radar, radar in a missile guidance system or similar.

-detects and identifies all types of scanning and non-scanning pulse radars (P), continuous-wave radars (CW), quasi-continuous-wave radars (ICW) and pulse Doppler radars (PD) at great distances and in complex radio frequency conditions.

Panoramic Surveillance and observation station

Used for surveillance, reconnaissance and day and night sighting as well as in low-visibility conditions

Main elements:

- Laser rangefinder

- WFoV CCd TV camera

- Narrow angle black-and –white TV camera

- Thermal imager

Basic characteristics:

- TOMS measures the spheric coordinates of targets at the distances of up to 10 km moving at the angular speeds of up to 10 °/s in respect to the TOMS current position

- Measuring accuracy, target distance: ± 5 m

- Measuring accuracy, angles: 1 mrad - 1.5 mrad

- Field of action in horizontal plane: n x 360 °

- Field of action in elevation: -10 to +70°

- Wide field of view, TV camera: 20 °

- Narrow field of view, TV camera: 3 °

- Wavelength, laser rangefinder: 1.064 microns

Battle Management System

- hardware and software system designed to significantly enhance situational awareness and provide commander support in mission planning and preparation, decision making, organization, report issuing, target acquisition and similar activities related to combat operations.

Basic elements:

- Tank display on situation map

- Mission planning support

- Tank positioning

- Tank navigation

- Communication on tank company level

- Information exchange