Додатне слике

Додатне слике

M12 Long-range sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle 12.7mm

M12 Long-range sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle 12.7mm is available in two different calibers:

  • 12.7 x 107mm
  • .50 Browning

Our designers had a task of creating an upgraded long-range sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle capable of destroying various targets at great er distances, in different climate and terrain conditions., in accordance  with modern and more complex battlefield conditions and  based on  futher development of  M93 Black Arrow long-range sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle.

The Black Arow 2 is a long range bolt-action long-range sniper rifle/anti-materiel rifle, made on the basis of Mauser system, which was, during its one hundred years long combat history, proven to be the most accurate and most reliable bolt-action system.

The weapon is equipped with powerfull double-baffle muzze brake and adjustable stock with integrated shock absorber, decreasing recoil force to the level of standard .300 Win Mag rifle. Bolt is equipped with two openings providing for removing of powder gases evacuation in cases of penetration of primer during use.

Primary purpose of this rifle is long range engagement of wide range of battlefield  targets, as wel as of targets in anti-terrorist operations.  Rifle is equpped with removable picatinni-rail based optoelectronic sighting system carrier, enabling for mounting of  a range of daylight scopes,  night sights, as well as modern fire control systems, particularly important for long-range target engagement up to combatranges of 2000m.