Додатне слике

Додатне слике

M06 60mm light long–range mortar

M06 60mm light long range mortar features high combat versatility and tactical flexibility, due to:

  • high firepower,
  • favorable portability,
  • short in-action / out-of-action time,
  • high accuracy.

Mortar is compatible with all range of standard 60 mm mortar ammunition designed for 650 bar max. working pressure.

Base plate design provides firing from all terrain types, including concrete, increasing mortar combat versatility. Design also provides low base plate digging into soft ground and easy removal after firing.

Standard weapon crew consists of 3 soldiers: commander, gunner and loader.  Gunner and loader are carrying mortar and ammunition combat load of 6 rounds packed in backpacks; commander is carrying sight, mortar FCS and BMS with radio, gunner is carrying bipod and 6 rounds and loader is carrying barrel assembly and base plate. Crew number depends on tactical situation and terrain conditions, i.e. ammunition supply logistics organization.