Додатне слике

Додатне слике

LVB-250F Laser guided bomb

LVB-250F is laser guided bomb in class of 250 kg, converted from standard “dumb” general purpose or penetration aerial bomb. LVB-250F is comprised of following subsystems:

  • guidance kit
  • warhead
  • stabilizing unit

Guidance system is of modified pursuit type. Three signal sensors are used for guidance: aerodynamic sensor-vane, laser seeker (coordinator optoelectronics) and gyroscope unit. Signal processing is accomplished by a guidance computer unit. Control system is realized by two independent channels with two pairs of rudders powered by electromechani cal actuators.

LVB-250F can be integrated with various types of Western and Eastern fighter air-craft, providing them with pinpoint accuracy attack capability.

Laser target designation for LVB-250F can come from different sources:

  • Laser designation pod fitted on host aircraft,
  • Laser designation unit operated by ground based forward positioned designator (a.k.a. FAC-A)
  • Laser designation pod fitted on other aircraft.

Depending on customer’s request, laser guidance conversion kit can be used also on smaller weight aerial bombs of 100 kg class, which results with smaller action radius footprint which is in line with modern battlefield requirements.