Додатне слике

Додатне слике


Kosava (Whirlwind) truck mounted launcher of rocket assisted aerial bombs is advanced artillery system for long range target engagements of unique concept and applied design solutions, providing artillery units with great punch capability.

 Main system features:

  • simple and reliable design,
  • low-cost of development and production,
  • high battlefield survivability (due to high mobility and rapid into and out of action transition time),
  • capability for sudden, concentrated, accurate and powerful engagement of wide range of battlefield targets,
  • high firepower (owing to multiple launch capability, high warhead effectiveness, relatively high rate of fire, and possibility of using broad range of modified standard and guided aerial bombs)
  • warhead weight/ range ratio is optimized to suit typical categories of battlefield targets and combat scenarios.
  • Kosava can engage following target types:
  • concentrations of enemy manpower and combat materiel
  • AD and artillery systems positions
  • Highly reinforced zones of resistance, particularly in anti-terrorist and anti-guerilla  operations
  • C3 (command, control and communication) nodes
  • Logistic and storage facilities
  • Vital military, industrial and infrastructure facilities


Kosava munition has been created by mating the bombs with solid propellant rocket motors, in order to reach the efficient range of up to 12-50 km, dependent on bomb and motor type. With reduced warhead weight, even longer ranges can be achieved.

After active phase of flight is completed, bomb is released from rocket motor assembly by pyrotechnical/mechanical device, and continues flight by ballistic trajectory up to the impact point.

  • Kosava uses general purpose (GP) aerial bombs or pure blast aerial bombs based on FAE (fuel air explosive) technology. Warhead weight envelope covers 100 kg, 250 kg and 500 kg  bombs.
  • Kosava can be also adapted to fire rocket assisted laser guided bombs of 100 kg and 250 kg class, using aerial bombs with HE or penetration warhead as bomb chassis.


  • 1st  phase:  The program guidance
  • 2nd phase:  The modified pursuit guidance. This modification pursuit guidance used both the angle between LOS and velocity and  the angle attack.


  • Advantages of modified pursuit guidance are:
  • Better stability of system
  • Higher accuracy on the illuminated target.