Initial devices

Overview of the assortment

The overview of the assortment can be shown through several elements, such as:

a)Used initial explosives and types of mixtures;
b)Type of primer and higher assembly;
d)Special requirements


a)  Following initial explosives are used for production of mixtures: Mercury Fulminate, Lead-Azide (several types), Tetrazene, Tricinate, and with other components (fuels, oxidants, sensitizers,..), the listed mixtures and primers can be classified as:

  • fulminate type
  • Non-corrosive type.


b)  Classified by type of primer and higher assembly, they include:

  • berdan (for shooting ammunition)
  • gevellot (for mortar ammo propellant charges and shotgun ammunition)
  • boxer (for shooting ammunition and special type of ammo - we are currently involved in intensive development);

c)  Classified by function, the existing assortment includes:

  • initial (puncturing, firing, striking,…);
  • duplex (double effect primers);
  • detonator (with a range of initial and high explosives);
  • electric and electric inflammatory (depending on use and type of higher assembly)
  • delay, transmitting, boosting (depending on use).

d)  This group includes:

  • delays and delay elements for different types of hand grenade fuzes with different types of mixtures used (adjustment of delay times optional);
  • initial trains for booby traps and combinations of initial elements, as per the request of the customer;
  • all types of initial, pyrotechnic, delay, smoke, flash and other types of mixtures,…
  • all types of electric detonators, No and per special request;


 It is important to emphasize that all the requirements regarding the serial production of the above listed products have been met, as follows:
  • serial production authorizations issued by relevant authorities;
  • the products are controlled and verified according to valid national and military standards (JUS, SNO, PKP);
  • all control-inspection procedures have strictly proscribed testing methods that include control gauges and measuring devices;
  • required certificates, licenses, export and transportation documents can easily be obtained from the competent authorities;
  • all products are manufactured and tested according to the procedures proscribed by following standards: JUS, ISO 9000, and SNO 9000.

When developing a new product with a customer, verification programs are made, including non-standard methods required for proving the desired quality.

Engineering and technical staff of FIS & ED are trained and capable of providing technical assistance in engineering businesses, preparation of Design and Technical Documentation, as well as documentation required for construction and projecting the production facilities that fall under their domain of work.