Додатне слике

Додатне слике


   GROM-B (THUNDER-B ) TV-guided air-to-surface missile system represents a modern rotor or fixed-wing aircraft weapon system enabling higly accurate engagement of high value surface targets, both mobile and stationary, including highly reinforced concrete buildings and  bunkerts, command centers, light surface ships, MBTs,  etc. Weapon concept is particularly adjusted for tactical use in anti-terrorist operations, enabling pih-point accurate enagement of  terrorst-occupied points of ressistance  with surgical accuracy and with very low probabaility of collateral damage, even in tactical situations of engaging of  targets placed in dense populated urban areas. Helicopter Mi-17 armed with GROM-B  missile system becomes powerful force multiplier, capable for effective air support of important anti-terorist operations.



  • Launch altitude (min/max)                                                        100 / 7000 м
  •  Rangemin                                                                                         1.5 км

                     max (launch speed=200m/s, launch altitude=7000m)      24 км

                      max (launch speed=60m/s, launch altitude=3000m)        15 км

  •  Speed                                                                                             High subsonic
  •  Diameter                                                                                        300 мм
  •  Length                                                                                            2900 мм              
  •  Wingspan                                                                                        815 мм
  •  Launch weight                                                                                280 кg
  •  Warhead                                                                           blast-fragmentation-cumulative
  •  Warhead weight                                                                            105 кg
  •  Warhead penetrability (steel/concrete)                                        1000/5000 мм
  •  Fuze                                                                                              impact
  •  Propulsion        boost/sustain solid propellant motor
  •  Control              four steering surfaces at the front part of the missile and two elerons on the wings for roll stabilization
  •  Guidance          centroid contrast TV homing with fire-and-forget capability