Додатне слике

Додатне слике


GAVRAN (RAVEN) LOITERING AREA DENIAL WEAPON represents a low cost and long range surveillance/strike weapon intended for real time surveillance and strike on a wide range of targets beyond the forward edge of battle area. The weapon features long combat range of 50-100 km, depending on ground configuration and long area surveillance time, enabling real time observation, target detection, recognition and attack. The weapon operates in swarms of several vehicles operated from the single command post by using encrypted radio data links.      

Target range:  tanks and other armored vehicles, self-propelled AD system, radar, conventional and rocket artillery systems, command posts, troops in the open field and shelters, and other mobile and stationary ground targets, combat boats and drones.

  • Range - 150 km at 120 km/h (33 m/s), recommended use: target search by loitering above battlefield area for up to 30 min at the range of 50 km
  • Ceiling - 1500 m
  • Start weight - 50 kg with payload (35 kg without payload)
  • Capacity, payload weight - 15 Kg
  • Propulsion - launching – solid propellant booster, flight – two-cylinder combustion engine  

The drone can use the 175 mm, 12 kg combined shaped-charge and fragmentation warhead, and other warheads with a total weight (incl. the fuse) of 13 kg.

 Drone dimensions           Length                                4.5 m

                                       Wing span                          3.2 m

                                       Height, with wheels            0.7 m

Launching by booster

Vehicle rail (in container)

Transport and packing: it can be carried to the combat position when armed, with the tank full. Parts of the wings are separable, which allows for its transportation in small pickup vehicles or trailers. For drones accommodated in containers, the wings are unfolded at the time of launching.

Preparation at the combat position:                      1 min for launching from vehicle-mounted containers  

Guidance  - inertial, GPS, GLONAS in final stage TV/IIR homing

Approach angle - 15 deg   to 75 deg   (Top Attack)

Environmental conditions

  1. Operating temperature range: -10 oC to 65oC
  2. Sand, dust, air-tightness
  3. Vibrations, shocks, transportation vibrations
  4. Fungi, Salt spray
  5. Water spray, rain
  6. Sunlight, UV resistant

 GCS - Ground Control Station

The ground control station (GCS) is used for launching, entering flight data, drone and TV/IR homing head control

GCS can be mounted on

  1. Vehicle container
  2. Trailer container
  3. Cross-country vehicle, Millis or Toyota pickup
  4. Portable field kit