Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Filter M2


  • The M2 filter is intended for efficient protection of eyes, face and respiratory organs against NBC toxic agents in the form of gases, vapors, solid and liquids aerosols and dust particles.
  • It provides full protection against any combat concentrations of toxic, radiological and biological agents provided that oxygen percentage in the air is not less than 16.
  • The NBC M2 filter is not intended to protect against carbon monoxide and nitrous gases. It provides only short period protection against chlorine and sulphuric gases.
  • NBC M2 filter is a part of a protective mask set (M2, M2 F, M2 FV, MD-1). but also available separately.


The aerodynamic resistance at the air flow of 30 1/min is 180 Pa. A suitable mask complete with NBC M2 filter provides several hours of protection depending upon concentrations of toxic agents as well as the activity of a wearer. The sorption capacity of NBC M2 filter of cylindrical form is as follows:

  • to chloropicrin: min 26g
  • to phosgene: min 12g

The filter efficiency to paraffin oil aerosol is 99,995%