Додатне слике

Додатне слике

FAP 2228 BS/AV,6x6,7t

VEHICLE PURPOSE This vehicle is intended for transportation of material, crew and for towing the gun and

trailers on and off roads. Therefore, the vehicle meets the following requirements:

-transport of materials or equipment, in the total weight up to 10,000 kg on the road,

and 7,000 in difficult off-road conditions,

-transport of 24+2 persons with pertaining equipment,

-towing of trailers of total mass up to 8,400 kg.

The vehicle features high dynamic and maneuvering capabilities in difficult off-road

conditions, in the temperature range from -30 °C to 50 °C.

MAIN GEOMETRIC DATA [mm] A Wheelbase 3400

B Vehicle length 7740

C Front overhang 1560

D Rear overhang 1380

K Minimum height from the ground to front axle 450

L Minimum height from the ground to rear axle 450

M Max. vehicle width 2520

N Rear overhang width 2490

O Front track 2080

P Front track 2080

Height above the cab * 3110

Height above the cargo body * 3165

VEHICLE PERFORMANCES Maximum speed 100 km/h

Maximum gradient, off-road 60 %

Minimum turning diameter 22 m

WEIGHT [kg] Empty vehicle with cargo body and tarpaulin 11500

Max. payload (off-road/road) 7000/10000

Weight on front axle (loaded) 7000

Weight on rear axle (loaded) 2x8000

Gross vehicle weight (GVW) on-road/off-road 21500/18500

ENGINE Engine type OM 906LA EURO3

No. of cylinders/arrangement 6/in line

Cylinder bore/Piston stroke 102/130mm

Total displacement 6.370 dm3

Engine power 205 kW (279HP)

Engine RPM at maximum power 2200 min-1

Maximum torque 1100 Nm

RPM at maximum torque 12001600 min-1

Engine staring at low temperatures Cold start device up to -300C (glow plugs on the engine)

CLUTCH Type ZF Sachs MF 395,

Single dry plate

Clutch activation hydraulic

GEARBOX Type ZF 9S – 1110 TD

Gear ratio 12.91/8.96/6.73/4.71/3.53/2.54/


Reverse gear 12.2

Auxiliary drive NH/4c

Gear ratio 0.92 nm

Purpose For winch operation

TRANSFER CASE Type VG 1600/396 STEYR, mechanical

Gear ratio (on road/off road) 0.89/1.536

AXLES Front axle (steering, fully floating axle shafts, with differential lock) AL7/1D

Rear axle (fully floating axle shaft,

with differential lock) HD7/HL7

Total gear ratio 5.92 (1.5 in axle, 3.95 in wheel

SUSPENSION SYSTEM Front dependent system, with leaf springs, additional rubber springs,

hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers

Rear balancing, dependent via the leaf springs and guides

BREAKS Service brake pneumatic, dual circuit, with dual line and single line connection to the trailer.

Wheel brake type Simplex drum brake, with mechanical cam activation, and integrated ABS/ASR and CTIS system. Auxiliaryparking

brake, mechanical, with spring energy accumulators on rear wheels. (with pneumatic activation of

TRISTOP cylinders).

Pneumatically operated, only at the rear wheels.

Engine brake butterfly fitted on the exhaust manifold pneumatically operated.

Additional equipment ABS/ASR WABCO

Front axle brake lining 410x160x18

Rear axle brake lining 410x160x18

FRAME Description rectangular frame comprising of two pressed longitudinal members (“U”-cross section) reinforced with

pressed “U” members bolted and riveted to the pressed cross members

STEERING SYSTEM Type PPT/ZF 5045, hydraulic power assisted

Drive arrangement Left-hand drive

Optional Right-hand drive.

COOLING SYSTEM Description with forced circulation of cooling liquid with thermal regulation.

Radiator type Tubular, laminar

Thermostat Opens at 83C.

LUBRICATING SYSTEM Description forced feed lubrication.

Oil filter Coarse and fine.

Engine oil cooling cooled with water from the engine cooling system.

AIR INTAKE SYSTEM Description dry air pre-filter and dry air filter located behind the cabin with turbo charger with intercooler

EXAUST SYSTEM Description with muffler behind the cabin.

Muffler Tubular, multi-chamber, reactive.

FUEL SUPPLY Rectangular, with fuel/water separator

Fuel tank capacity 200 l


CAB Cab type short (non sleeper type), tilting cab, as per the

Mercedes-Benz license

Support at the front via two rotating bearings in rubber bushings and two spiral springs with two hydraulic

shock absorbers fitted at the rear.

Heating Water heating with forced circulation of water from the engine cooling system

Heater capacity 347000 kJ/h

Cab tilting Cab is tilted forward by means of hydraulic pump up to the angle of 70

Seats hydraulically adjustable seats in height and position

Windshield washing by electrical pump and nozzles

Cab instruments Tachograph, tachometer, and instrument cluster. The instruments cluster includes double oil

pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, fuel level indicator and indicator of

low pressure in the braking system

WINCH Description Rotzler, mechanical, hydraulically operated

Rope length 60 m

Pulling force 110 kN at the first drum coil

ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT Consumer voltage 24 V

Alternator 28 V-80 A

Starter motor 25 V- 4 kW

Batteries 2x12V/143 Ah

TYRES Tyre type KAMA 425/85 R21, off-road tire pattern

Rim 11.25-21

Additional equipment CTIS

CARGO BODY WITH TARPAULIN COVER Description Metal, supporting structure is made of steel with wood covered floor and featuring steel

hooks for fastening the pallets or bulky load. The drop sides are made of aluminum (which

are closed with locking mechanism). Inside the cargo area there are two wooden collapsible

benches along each side, as well as a removable seat in the middle of the cargo body.

Cargo body dimensions (mm) 4530 x 1600 x 2300

Canvas, camouflage, with windows

TOWING UNIT Front part of bumper assy.

Rear towing hook class T4

VEHICLE EQUIPMENT Fire extinguisher S2 ( 2kg)

Hydraulic crane HD12

Tool bag made of the canvass, with partitions.

Tools Wheel spanner, tyre iron, locksmith hammer 500 gr combination pliers, three piece screwdriver, fork

spanners of 832.