Додатне слике

Додатне слике

FALCON™ F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 / F5 (9x19mm LUGER, .40S&W, .45ACP)

Pistol Technical Specification


9mm LUGER/.40 S&W : F-1( standard), F-2 (semi-compact), F-3( compact)

.45ACP : F-5 ( standard), F-4 ( semi-compact)


Length- 7, 5 “ (7, 15 “  F2/F3 ; 8, 25” F-5 )

Height- 5, 5 “ (4, 75 “  F3)

Barrel length- 4, 25 “ (3, 90”  F2/F3; 5”  F-5)

Frame width- 0, 14 “ (all models)


Pistol weight w/o magazine:1, 8pound F1 /1,6pound F2 /1,5pound F3 /2,0pound F-5

Pistol weight with magazine- 2,0pound F1

Pistol weight with loaded magazine (20 rounds) - 2, 4 pound F1

Magazine capacity:

9 mm Luger -  20rounds F1/F2 ; 17 rounds F3

.40S&W - 16rounds F1/F2 ; 14 rounds F3

.45 ACP-12 rounds F4/F5

Technical characteristics of mechanism:

Trigger mechanism- DA/SA

Trigger weight SA- 4, 5 Pounds

Trigger weight DA-12, 0 Pounds

Functional characteristics:

Locking system- block Browning

Slide release and hammer deckoker- all in one command, logic arrangement, ambidextrous

Chamber round indicator- slide top

Magazine releases button- ambidextrous

Frame angle- 75°

Front to the rear sight distance- 6, 1”

Sights – low profile, white dots or tritium tubes

 All materials, which we use for production, are high quality and they are tested in accordance with military (NATO- STANAG) standards.

 Frame material is made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy 7075 T6, which is hammer- forged for better strength and reliability. This technique insures that the frame still has lightweight and the strength of the classic steel frames. After this treatment, the frame is 30% stronger than normal aluminum alloy frames. The advantage’s, in comparison with polymer frames, are multiple. The biggest advantage is resistance to all climate influences

(especially temperature). Polymer frames have steel reinforced slide guides and in high/low temperatures, these two different materials react differently. This cause micro crack’s on the polymer and the life of pistol is, because of it, drastically reduced. Our frame is monolith and do not have these problems.

Slide is CNC machined from the hammer-forged blank 4340 steel and is the strongest of its kind.

Safety lever is multifunctional and has two functions: slide release and decocker function. This system is unique in the world and patented by our company. The idea was to have only one command, which will make training/adaptation of the soldiers/policemen’s easier.

 Therefore, this pistol is unique on the modern pistol market and offers solution for the modern 21st century warfare in all aspects.