Додатне слике

Додатне слике

CORAL Patrol boat

The vessel is to be an aluminium launch generally as per the general arrengement drawing and propelled by twin 100 hp outboard engines.


The vessel will be designed with the ability to carry 1000 kg of cargo or passengers, or a mixture of these two up to a total weight of 1000 kg.

The vessel will be constructed with a single chine hull form.

The hull is constructed of 5 mm and 4 mm thick marine grade aluminium with a transom stern, open deck in middle and back part of the boat , covered with extended roof of the wheelhouse. Open wheelhouse is placed in the middle part of the boat with two front and two side non-openable windows. In fore part of the boat is sheerline deck with hatch to the fore peak compartment under the deck.

The wheelhouse and the are constructed from 4 mm aluminium bar tread plate or an equivalent to give a non slip finish. The deck is self draining when static and loaded as above.


The hull will be sub-divided into watertight buoyancy compartments in the following locations:

  •  Port & Starboard side of the hull from bow to the watertight bulkhead with bow part of the hull limited with transom, main deck and back bench. Left and right side benches will be constructed of wooden material and it will be made as storage compartments at the same time (place for crew and lifesaving equipment )
  •  Fuel tanks made of stainless steel will be placed behind and under benches in side compartments on port and starboard side of the hull.
  •  Forward void space. Forward void space will have a water tight hatch for inspection and for light stowage of equipment.


Scantlings and construction materials.

All aluminums used in construction will be of marine grade and will conform to AA 5083 H321 for flat plate and AA 5083 H112 for extruded sections. The main primary scantlings will be to Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Special Service Craft.


Wheel house and seating


An aluminium unlined and open-backed wheel house/shelter is positioned forward on the main deck and be incorporated into the sheer line foredeck. The aluminium roof of the wheelhouse is extended back over the main deck. Side covering of the aft part of the deck will be made of waterproof plastic-based canvas with nylon closed window openings.

The seating capacity on the deck is for 10 persons or equipment not exceeding a total of 1000kg.

Two captain seats will be placed one in front of the steering wheel and one on the other side of the cabin.

Boat will be equipped with Multifunction Speedometer (point: speed, trip, time, fuel, battery voltage), Depth-meter, Compass, Multifunction Outboard Tachometer (point: engine RPM, Trim angle, Oil level, Hour meter, EWI)


Fuel tanks

Two structural aluminium fuel tanks holding 250 litres each, will be fitted one to each side of the vessel bottom in mid part of the boat.


Bilge piping System

  • Electric bilge pump will be placed under the floor in mid part of the boat. This pump will be fitted with an automatic float switch and will also be operated from the helm electrical panel.
  • A hand bilge pump will be fitted to pump water from storage compartment under the main deck.


Electrical Installation

The 12 volt electrical installation will include:

  • Outboard starting batteries with brass terminals, and provided with isolator switches.
  • 12 gang distribution board with fuses located on the helm console.
  • All wiring installations will be to IEE recommendations and be securely fixed.

Electrical items to be fitted via the switch panel

  • Window wiper for main forward facing wheel house window
  • All round white navigation light “VETUS” RW35VWIT
  • VHF Radiotelephone
  • Search light with thru deck lever control
  • Blue flashing lights
  • Electric double horn
  • Loud hailer