BOV-3 AX SP hybrid gun missile AD system

In order to improve overall efficiency of reliable and combat proven BOV-3 AD gun system, and to enable it to engage modern aerial targets as well as to expand the scope of targets it can effectively engage, this gun has been integrated with 2x 4 launcher of Strela-2M/A IR guided surface-to-air missiles and BMS (battlefield management system) terminal.

BOV-3 AX SP hybrid gun-missile AD system can engage following target types:

  • fixed and rotary wing aircraft,
  • unmanned aerial vehicles,
  • cruise missiles,
  •  precision guided weapons,
  •  lightly armoured and non-armoured ground targets,
  •  zones of manpower concentrations,
  •  field fortifications.


BOV-3 AX has been designed for engagement of low-flying aerial targets at altitudes up to 2500 m. The optimum terminal effect is achieved at the ranges from 1000 to 1500 m with guns and 1500 to 2500 with missiles . Addiitonaly, BOV-3 can be used for engagement of lightly and medium armoured ground targets as well as manpower.

The central tyre-pressure regulating system enables the operation of the vehicle off the road on sandy, muddy or snow-covered ground.

The crew is comprised of: commander, gunner, driver and loader.


The hermetically sealed hull made from armour steel plates warrants protection against small arms, shell burst and penetration of water during fording.

The hull contains control-combat and engine compartments.

The control compartment in the front part of the hull contains fuel tanks, control mechanisms, instruments, sets of angular vision blocks and seats for the driver and commander.

The fuel tanks are separated by a hermetically sealed wall.