Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Battlefield management system

Battlefield Management System (BMS) is a hardware and software solution that will greatly enhance situational awareness and provide unit commander with support in mission planning & preparation, decision making, organization, report issuing, command distribution, target acquisition and similar activities related to combat operations.


Basic Functionalities

  • Display of position on situation map,
  • Mission planning support,
  • Positioning and navigation,
  • Communication between allied units,
  • Information exchange,
  • Participation in targeting procedure


Hardware configuration

  • Ruggedized tablet computer
  • Stabilized optronic surveillance and targeting station,
  • Radar warning receiver
  • Hardware-Software interface for radio equipment,
  • Interface for other electronic equipment and sensors, and FCS subassemblies


Position and orientation system

  • GPS based positioning and orientation device with inertial support,
  • Accuracy of 0.1 – 0.5 degrees (rms) with heading and position updates of up to 20 Hz,
  • High-precision, SBAS differential positioning accuracy of 50 cm, 95% of the time,
  • Special algorithm for stability maintenance during temporary differential signal outage,
  • Compatible with other differential sources through RTCM input


Software configuration

  • unique ergonomically designed user interface that is optimized for use with touch screen, pen or track ball.
  • In order to achieve better scope on a situation semi-transparent controls are used.
  • Rapid transition between Combat and Planning mode, as well as between 2D and 3D views.

 Communication Manager is responsible for sending and receiving encrypted messages between tanks in a company.


Messages can be one of the following types:

  • info messages – position and orientation
  • short message - alert, information or order
  • Logistic message – ammunition, fuel, …
  • Image message
  • Video message
  • Map update message – distribution of mission plan

Crypto block

  • Crypto-block enables encryption of data that are to be sent and received,
  • Encryption is done using DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm based on symmetric keys.
  • Sending and Receiving data is possible only between stations with the same symmetric key
  • All information is encrypted
  • Crypto-code can not be broken, even in case of good knowledge of BMS system (human factor excluded)