Додатне слике

Додатне слике



The mine is intended for incapacitating and demolition of enemy armoured and other combat and transport vehicles. It has a destructive and penetrating effect. The activation force by a bar is 1.3-1.7 dN (kg) and by pressure 150-350 dN (kg). Temperature range: 248oK to 333oK (25oC to + 50oC). Armed with the pressure lever type mechanical fuze which makes a unit with the mine. The firing pin of the fuze is locked and the explosive chain interrupted, securing safety in storage, transportation and laying. The safety is for 1 or 4 minutes. The mine is laid either manually, by means of minelayer or from helicopter. Arming is automatically done in the ditch. Laid in dry or swampy ground. Airtight. Resistant to the action of increased air pressure.

Size: Ø290 x 132 mm. Capable for any type of transportation. Mass of the mine is 7.2 kg. Explosive charge of cast TNT, mass 5.1 kg with tetryl detonator. The mine penetrates an armour to 40 mm at a distance to 80 cm and may act sldewise trom a distance of 45 m.

Mine laying

The mine may be laid manually, mechanically and from helicopters. In manual laying. a clod is cut, larger by one half than the mine diameter and a well is dug so that the clod of 2-3 cm is protruding by 2cm above the ground. The mine is laid in the well, the safety element is taken off, safety is set at 1 or 4 minutes the starter is pressed (the fuze bar is fitted) and the mine camouflaged. The mine is safe for 6 months even under very unfavourable conditions.

Fuze UTMRP-6

The fuze is mechanical of pressure-lever type, permanently fitted in the mine. It has a clockwork safety, set at 1 or 4 minutes. The basic position is 1 minute. The fuze is activated by a pressure force of 150 dN or more. The mine may be armed with a supplementary fuze too and may be electrically activated in controlled firing. The fuze may be activated also by action of a bar which Is fitted on the fuze after laying of the mine, with a force of 1.3—1.7 dN. The fuze has an ejection charge of black powder which breaks the weakened part of the mine body, ejecting the top part with tuze, removing the clod and clearing the way to the penetrating disc to obtain a higher penetration.

Mine clearing

The camouflaging layer is removed, the protective plug is unscrewed, the wrench is fitted, interrupting the explosive train and the fuze is set in safe position; the safety element is put on (the haze bar is removed) and the mine is taken out from well.


  • Four mines are packed per case: 
  • 330x 650x 330mm mass 43kg. 
  • Storage capacity -15 years.