Додатне слике

Додатне слике

ALAS - Advanced Light Attack System

 Advanced Light Attack System is a long-range multipurpose wire guided missile system. The Alas missile system was developed primarily for missions against tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications, command posts, low-flying helicopters, coastal ships, industrial facilities and bridges. It can be deployed by any suitable platform including helicopters, armored vehicles, small ships and infantry. The guidance system is based on video/infrared technology, with the missile connected to the launcher by a fiber-optic cable. The Alas flies at low altitude and has small radar and infrared (heat) signatures due to using a turbofan motor instead of a turbojet.

Technical characteristics:

  • Total body length [m] 2.723
  • Body diameter (caliber) [m] 0.175
  • Wingspan [m] 1.638
  • Launching weight [kg] 73.10
  • Weight in flight [kg] 59.3
  • Sustainer Propulsion (type) TMM-040/RC Turbojet engine
  • Turbojet engine max. net thrust [N] 400
  • Booster propulsion (type) solid propellant booster engine
  • Cruising speed [m/s] 120-150
  • Max. flight altitude above sea level [m] 2000
  • Max. effective range [km] 25
  • Min. effective range [km] 3
  • Max. axial load [g] 10
  • Max. operational load limit [g] 4
  • Mid-course guidance INS/GPS
  • Terminal guidance TV CCD/IIR
  • Auto tracking Correlation tracking algorithm


Payload subsystem consists of:

  • Tandem-charge HEAT warhead with additional blast fragmentation
  • Safety arming mechanism with proximity fuse


Propulsion section subsystem consists of:

  • Sustained turbojet engine
  • Booster motor


Turbojet engine:

Main function of turbojet engine is to maintain constant velocity.
TJE generate maximum thrust force of 400N and Mach number between 0 - 0.8. Specific fuel consumption is 1.40 kg/daNh withtotal engine life of 10h.

Booster motor:
Main function of the booster motor is to provide the requested thrust force for missile launching from container.

Solid propellant subsystem consist of:

  • Solid propellant rocket motor with total impulse 10720Ns and maximum thrust 6000N, at standard temperature 15 ˚C.
  • Release mechanism from missile main body


Communication subsystem:

Communication subsystem consists of single-mode optical fiber (SMF), which is an optical fiber designed to carry only a single ray of light (mode), transmitter unit one in missile and receiver in launcher.
Signal loss on transmitting wave length and on receiving wave length is less than 15 dB.

Homing head section:

Homing subsystem consists of seeker, TV CCD or IR sensor with gyro stabilized frame, and electronic block (computer). Electronic block (computer) is using to processing picture and control coordinator with associated electronics.

GNC Section:

Main function of the GNC subsystem is to provide stabilization

and guidance and control of the ALAS missile in all phases of

flight through the integrated INS or INS/GPS (depends on GPS signal quality).

Control subsystem consists of:

  • Digital onboard computer
  • INS (onboard firmware software and IMU unit) /GPS
  • Set of control fins with associated actuators and control unit INS/GPS accuracy at the maximum range of 25 km is ±20 m