Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Air force overhaul depot

The range of activities in which Air Force Overhaul Depot is quite large and involves aircraft overhaul, airgraft overhaul parts production, and services including supersonic aircraft overhaul such as: “MiG-21” and “MiG-29”; jet aircraft: “Super Galeb”, “Galeb” and “Orao”; cargo aircraft  “An-26”, “An-2”; piston aircraft  “Utva-75”; light helicopter “Guzzle” and “Mi-2”; and cargo helicopter “Mi-8”.

The Depot is capable of performing all kinds of piston engine overhaul operations: (GSO-480, IO-360B1F, M-137A, AŠ-62IR, IGSO-540, PWR-2800); turbo-prop and turbo-shaft power plants (TV2-117A, ASTAZOU-IIIB and IVM, GTD-350, Ai-24VT); OTO and Diesel engines: JAZ-204,ZIL-130,ZIL-131, ZIL-157, 1D6, URAL-375, MOSKVIČ-408, TAM-4500, FAP, GAZ-66, V-6 I DR; medium overhaul of  KUB and  NEVA rocket systems; Medium overhaul of radar systems: PRV-11, P-12, P-15, S-600; and overhaul of V-V: R-3R, R-13M, R-60M/MK, R73E, R-27, AGM65B rockets.

 In addition to overhaul of aircraft, engines and anti-aircraft vehicles the following segments of overhaul includes repair of radio-navigation equipment, photo-equipment and flying equipment that is being trouble-shot, overhauled and tested in specialised workshops. After repair, engines and reducing gears for all types of aircraft and helicopters are tested on test stations with the results obtained being certified whereupon they are fitted back into aircraft.

 Together with engines, all aircraft accessories and assemblies have to be inspected, overhauled and tested. This delicate procedure is carried out in specialised workshops by highly skilled engineers and technicians using advanced devices the large number of which being manufactured by the Depot’s specialists themselves. We would like to lay emphasis on test bench for testing the blades and controllable pitch vanes, as well as a number of test benches used for aircraft hydraulic devices. Having been tested on test benches, engines, reducing gears and accessories and assemblies are fitted and tested directly in aircraft thus eliminating the smallest possible defect.

In addition to aircraft overhaul, our Depot also overhauls all other aircraft-engineering and technical items used in Air Force and Air Defence  - such as aircraft servicing equipment, fire-fighting equipment, fuel tanks, conveyors, electric power plants and power-generating units, electric actuators, rocketry items, ground navigational equipment, etc.  

 Aircraft overhaul is supported by sophisticated computer programs by use of which Depot’s specialists design, very fast and precisely, the requisite components in designing and technology bureaus.

 In the field of production as support to overhaul, we manufacturerubber products (these are made on hydraulic hot presses). We manufacture both rubber and rubberised products – in combination with other materials: rubber-metal, rubber-cloth or rubber-plastics. Our production range also include: sealing rings, sealing washers, collar, semi-rings, membranes, shock-absorbers, suspension dampers, engine supports, protective components, MG rings, valves (rubber regeneration), collectors, flexible hoses, couplings. We also produce raw rubber mixtures based on various polymers.

 In the field of machining, we manufacture spare parts – made of metal and other materials, special tools and fixtures required for overhaul and production. We are equipped to carry out majority machine industry production processes: turning (conventional and CNC), milling (conventional and CNC), boring/drilling, planing, grinding, (circular, outer and inner, and flat), honing, sharpening, eroding with wire and electrode, thread rolling (types of thread: millimetre, BA, NC, UNC, NF, UNF, BSF, Whitworth), punching, slotting and drawing, bending and cutting of sheets, welding (TIG – welding, electric arc welding by the use of non-consumable tungsten electrodes shielded from the air by surrounding it with argon; MIG - welding - electric arc by the use of  electrodes shielded from the air by surrounding it with CO2), arc welding by the use of coated electrodes, electric-resistance welding (spot and butt), welding /cutting and brazing by flame (oxyacetylene).

 Depot manufactures sintered friction elements for couplings and brakes made of metal-ceramics copper or iron based materials. We manufacture iron-based sintered braking components for: aircraft (MiG-21, AN-26, ORAO, MiG-29, Canadair, Dornier), tracked motor-vehicles for radar systems. We manufacture copper-based sintered friction components for couplings and brakes that operate either as dry or in oil:  couplings for T72/M84 Tanks, couplings for heavy-duty cargo vehicles,   couplings for mining and construction machines, couplings for buses (Wilson gearbox), friction components for tram parking brakes, friction components for tractor couplings, couplings for fork-lift trucks and couplings for cultivators.

 Cermet-based friction materials are used for manufacture of car brake pads (Golf II). In addition to friction elements, we also manufacture other sintered materials, such as metal-graphite materials for electric motor brushes. Besides, we produce anti-friction material (lead-tin bronze) used for self-lubricating slide bearings.

 The Depot also manufactures aluminium-alloyed radiators used for cooling of water, oil or air (water-air, oil-air, air-air, air-water). Materials: AlMn1, AlMgSi0.5 and AlMnCu are used for manufacture of radiator core blocks . Maximum sizes of a single core block are 200 x 900 x 320 mm (width x length x height).

 We manufacture thermal-insulation jackets for VIPER (22-6, 531, 632-41 and 633-41) engines and for T72/M84 Tanks engines. Jackets are made of fire-resistant prochrome and filled with insulation wool. Our production capacities and technological capabilities enable us to produce thermal-insulation jackets for engines that have the exhaust gases temperature of 750° K, i.e. engines with open-chamber additional combustion – up to the temperatures of 1650° K.

 Depot is also capable of producing parts and assemblies made of composite materials. Some of the vital aircraft components that have been mastered and manufactured are the main rotor vane for Gazelle helicopter and tail rotor blades for Mi-8 helicopter. In addition to composite material parts, we are also capable of manufacturing shaping tools and shape/form components made of acrylic glass and polycarbonates.

Inside our Depot’s workshops we perform the following types of electro-chemical and chemical treatment processes: hard chrome-plating, porous chrome-plating, cadmium-plating, copper-plating, nickel-plating, tin-plating, anode oxidation in sulphuric acid, anode oxidation in chromic acid, burnishing phosphate-coating, silver-plating. Colouring and elimination of corrosion by the use of polyurethane dyes, acrylic paint, nitro paints, epoxy and alkyd paints. For removal of corrosion and preparation for surface treatment and dyeing, we make use of dry and wet sand-blasting; for corrosion removal from  smaller-size parts, we use shot-peening/blasting.

At our disposal we also have thermal treatment furnaces in shielded from the air, in vacuum or without shielded environment.

 Our chemical laboratory conducts tests on various materials applying appropriate procedures: chemical analysis tests, testing of metal-made materials by the use of conventional methods, chemical analysis electrolytes tests, testing of rubber, adhesives, hermetic agents, metallographic examinations, mechanic testing of materials.