General characteristics

Air defense missile systems (AD RS) R – 60SАМ and R – 60D are intended for destruction of enemy aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, cruise missiles etc. at short and medium ranges and altitudes in all weather conditions.

Air defense missile system R – 60SАМ

The system consists of a two-stage R-60МК missile with a detachable booster motor in the launching container on the AD combat vehicle launcher of the AD system OSA-AK shown

R–60МК two-stage missile is shown in Figure 2, where the first stage is booster motor (integrated with R–60МК missile into one whole in the launching container), while the second stage is a generally overhauled aerial missile R–60МК air-to-air converted into a surface-to-air missile. After the first stage has been separated/ nakon odvajanja, the second missile stage i.e. the missile motor of the aerial R-60МК missile accelerates the missile and takes it to the target. The two-stage R–60МК missile has the «canard» aerodynamic configuration. Destabilizers, control surfaces and wings and booster stabilizers are positioned cruciformly. R-60МК wings have rolerons, which provide for missile stabilization in longitudinal axis.

Six R-60МК missiles with boosters in containers are placed in a parallel manner on the AD OSA-AK launcher in place of six original 9М33М2 missiles.

AD R-60D missile system

The system consists of a modified R-60МК missile with a new missile motor, i.e. with one-chamber two-stage motor in the launching container of the AD S-10 combat vehicle shown in Figure 3.

The modified R–60МК missile with a new one-chamber two-stage motor, new detector with improved characteristics, new digital auto-pilot and greater total impulse in the launching container (shown in Figure 4) represents a considerably more compact and sophisticated solution than R–60МК with integrated booster motor. The obvious advantage of R–60МК with one-chamber two-stage motor is that it doesn’t have the booster motor like R-60MK which is discarded uncontrollably and can fall on one’s own troops and weapons.

Four R-60МК with one-chamber two-stage motors in containers are laid in parallel to each other on the AD S-10 launching device in place of four original 9М37М missiles.