Aeronautical pod M08 with 12.7x108mm M87 machinegun

Aeronautical M08 pod with 12.7x108mm M87 machinegun is used for the armament of light piston/propeller training aircraft. It is mounted on under-wing supports. This kind of aeronautical weaponry is primarily intended for close fire support in anti-terrorist and anti-riot missions, as well as in territory surveillance and border protection tasks. The machinegun is efficient against unarmored vehicles and troops in unfortified facilities.

Compact design and small recoil force acting on the under-wing support enable its mounting on a wide range of aircraft. It also features good rates of fire, effective range, high stability during action, high accuracy and reliability. Simple preparation and ease of maintenance are also the characteristics of this system.


  • Weight (kg) with full/empty magazine    95 / 69
  • Length (mm)                                          1870
  • Diameter (mm)                                      340                  


The pod accommodates a shock-absorber which reduces the recoil together with the muzzle brake. The breech block is put in the rear position (i.e. cocked) from the cabin, right before firing. In case of ammunition failure, it can be re-cocked from the cabin. The pneumatic installation is designed to allow the weapon to be cocked up to 5 times during a flight.   



  • Heavy machinegun M87 caliber             12,7 x 108 mm with the cradle
  • Muzzle velocity (m / s)                          845
  • Effective range                                      2000 m 
  • Rate of fire (RD/ min)                            680 - 800 rounds/min
  • Magazine capacity                                 150 rds in the belt
  • Pneumatic cocking installation
  •  Working fluid                                       Nitrogen
  •  Working pressure                                 8 Bar
  •  Tank capacity                                       3-5 times
  •  Voltage                                                28 V ± 4
  •  Firing modes, short bursts                  5 rounds
  •                                Long bursts           10 rounds
  •                                Sustained bursts

Control box features

  •    Indication of available ammunition 
  •    Indication of the breech-block position
  •    Cocking
  •    Indication of the brake condition
  •    Indication of the working fluid pressure
  •    Locking/unlocking the weapon
  •    Selection of firing mode 
  •    Triggering with the aircraft control stick