Додатне слике

Додатне слике

81/82 mm M95 mortar

Main features of 81/82 mm M95 mortar are:


  • high combat versatility, enabling enagagement of various target types,
  • high firepower,
  • favorable ratio between firepower and portability,
  • rapid transition from marching into combat position and vice versa,
  • favorable accuracy.


Barrel lower section is finned so as to dissipate the heat produced when firing is carried out for prolonged periods. It is well suited weapon for effective infantry fire support, particularly for mountainous and commando units and rapid deployment forces. It can also be employed on all types of soil, including swamps, stony and urban environments. Tactical capabilities of 81/82mm M95 mortar are significantly broadened by introduction of anti-sabotage underwater - operating HE mortar shells with special point-detonating, super-quick and delay-action fuzes.

Main technical characteristics


  • Weight                                                   41 kg
  • Barrel length                                         1500 mm
  • Maximum pressure of
  • powder gases                                       650 bars
  • Maximum rate of fire                            20 rounds per minute
  • Maximum range                                   7200 m
  • Field of action in azimuth                   360°
  • Field of action in elevation                  45º to 85°
  • 81/82 mm M95 mortar has been designed for use n daytime and night conditions. Night time use is enabled by tritium light source.
  • Angle division:                                     1/6400