30/2 mm M53/59 AD gun with laser-computer fire control system

Owing to installation of modern computer controlled fire control system, 30/2 M53/59 AD gun has been given capability to fight effectively with modern air attack assets, as well as against ground targets.

Main features:

  • efficient against targets flying at speeds up to 500 m/s, at ranges up to 3500 m,  
  • autonomous action, by use of its own optoelectronic fire control system,
  • target data acquisition by use of surveillance-acquisition radar,  
  • integration into wider command-control-intelligence system,
  • short response time,
  • simplified handling and maintenance.

30/2 M53/59 AD gun can effectively engage following target types:

  • fixed and rotary wing aircraft,
  • unmanned aerial vehicles,\
  • cruise missiles,
  • air launched weapons,
  • lightly armoured and non armoured ground targets
  • zones of manpower concentration.