20/3mm AA Gun M55A4B1 Hydraulic -Computer J171 Fire Control Device

The AA Gun M55A4B1 is a three-barrel automatic weapon not depending on central computing of elements. Supplied with hydraulic-computer device for fire control. Characterized by a quick location of targets and their accurate tracking, high fire power and probability of hitting. Transported on own detachable bogie with swivel and towed by a vehicle.

The hydraulic-computer device calculating the firing elements does not require the current data on range to target to be entered all the time, but only target speed and range to target in parameter are entered at the beginning of tracking.

Apart from the computer, the gun possesses a mechanical sight of horizontal grid type. Used to bring the target in the field of view of the optical sighting device and in firing at targets during manual tracking.

The hydraulic- computer J171 equipment consists, of:

  •  Optical sighting device with objective for aerial targets and objective for ground targets
  •  Computer group for calculation of firing elements
  •  Hydraulic servo-system