Додатне слике

Додатне слике


    Thanks to existing theoretical and practical knowledge and also bearing in mind experiences from combat environment, the complete family of 155mm rounds has been developed and it consists of standard projectiles, and of projectiles with optimized aerodynamic layout of front ogive with or without base-bleed unit. During the development many original technical solutions have been implemented, thanks to technical breakthroughs and also appearances of new materials, machines, tools and manufacturing technologies. Needless to say that all of these technical advances aimed at ammunition upgrading were thoroughly tested at proving grounds, and only after all of requirements were fulfilled they were ready to enter series production. By this unmistakable design philosophy we have created the family of 155mm ammunition which have following features, which are placing our rounds among the best available on the market today:

  • highly energetic powder charges enabling long ranges, yet having very little influence on barrel wear, which is very important for heavy artillery systems
  • increasing the range has been accomplished either by aerodynamic optimization of front ogive and/or adding base-bleed unit, or adding base-bleed unit into standard projectiles without harming projectile’s accuracy and terminal efficiency
  • by using modern explosives and fuses we have enhanced lethality of our projectiles comparing to other projectiles offered on the market
  • our ammunition is well known for it’s reliability and simplicity
  • longevity which is secured by certain both chemical and physical modernization of  ammunition components


Main combat tasks:

  • neutralization of sheltered and unsheltered enemy war materiel (including amour materiel)
  • neutralization of enemy manpower
  • neutralization of fortified and non-fortified point and area targets

    The 155 mm ERFB long range artillery projectile family  is representing a new generation of long range artillery projectile designed for using with modern towed and self-propelled 155 mm weapons with 39, 45 and 52 calibre barrel length.

    The M02 155 mm ERFB/BB  projectile design includes  base bleed (BB) unit family providinig important range increase, due to using of efficient composite propellant charge. With using of standard BB unit (in production) max. range is reaching  42 km, while with more advanced BB unit max. range is reaching of more than 44 km. 

    The M02 155 mm ERFB/BB projectile with 42 km range s in full rate serial production, and 44 km range version is in development stage.