Додатне слике

Додатне слике


NORA A1L 155 mm / 39 cal. towed gun howitzer represents a modern and cost-effective solution for modern rapid deployment forces fire support  artillery, featuring:


  • Light  weigth, enabling operation and towing at soft ground, using of medium-capacity and light towing trucks and satisfying requrements for using  of  low-capacity bridges
  • Compact dimensions and robust design, providing towing thru narrow passes and rugged and highly-intersected terrain - giving good tactical, operational and strategic mobility, satisfying requrements for transportation by using of even medium-capacity aircraft, as well as high-lifting capacity helicopters
  • Advanced concept and design solutions,  enabling long range and high rate of fire with low crew fatique be using of effective semi-automatic loader (version AL1)  NATO standard ammunition capability by using of reliable self-sealing system


The NORA-A1 are a new member of NORA gun-howitzer family, featured with improved design and 155 mm / 39 cal. barrel with breach block with unique self-sealing system, compatible with all NATO-standard 155 mm ammunition-propellant charge system. The barrel is made of high-quality steel, by a special forging process and heat treated. A muzzle brake of high efficiency (appr 45%) is fitted on the muzzle.

The semi-automatic wedge-type breechblock secures a high rate of fire (8 rds/min), with possibilty of using of semi-automatic loader with pneumatic rammer enabling max. rate of fire increase up to 8 rounds per min. with decreasing of   crew  fatuque. The counter-recoil system with hydraulic brake, compensator and hydro pneumatic recuperator are accommodated on top of the barrel. Thanks to the efficient muzzle brake, the recoilling energy in the counter-recoil system is absorbed over a short recoil path, so that even at high elevations no arrangement of the firing position is required.

 Design data

  • Dimensions  

Calibre                                  155 mm

  • Weapon dimensions in travelling position  

- Length                                11.210 mm

- Breadth                              2415 mm

- Height                                2160 mm

Field of action         

- In traverse                          50°

- In elevation                        -5 to 65°

  • Weapon weight       

- In travelling position          8000 kg


The basic method of transportation is towing by KAMAZ 43118 6X6 cross-country truck. The weapon has a single and double-line braking installation and a hand brake as well as the light signal-lization in travel. Th second truck of same tupe is using for carrying of 40 rounds of combat load and crew.  

Time of transition from travelling into combat position and vice versa                            3—5 minutes

Rate of fire

 -          Max. rate of fire        

         version A1                   8 rds/min

-        Normal rate of fire     4 rds/min

  • Other rates

-        15 rds                          3 minute

-        40 rds                          20 minute

-        100 rds                        1 hour

  • Crew with section commander          
  • Combat set      20 rds of HE shell

 Sighting Devices Consisting of:

-           Range quadrant

-        Optical sight

-        Panoramic telescope

-        Collimator

-        Quadrant and

-        Illuminating set

The range quadrant is dependent with a dependent line of sight  Gunner’s quadrant: used for checking of sighting devices and for giving the barrel elevation when the range quadrant is defective.

Optical sight: used for direct firing, for emergency or special operation forces close fire suport           

Magnification                                               5.5 x

Field of view                                                 11°

Panoramic telescope used for sighting in   traverse

Magnification                                               3.7x

Field of view                                                 10°25’

Collimator: used as an aiming point during the rectification of sighting devices, in orientation of the weapons to the initial direction and during the topographic connection of the artillery combat


With projectile 155 mm HEM107                24 km

With projectile 155 mm HEER BB               30 km