Додатне слике

Додатне слике

128/122 Oganj self propelled multiple launch rocket system family

Indigenously developed fire support artillery rocket system capable of utilizing rockets in both 122 and 128mm calibers, used for fire support at ranges of up to 21 km with 128mm rockets or up to 40 km if upgraded 122mm rockets with extended range are used. The launcher, with 32 barrels, is mounted on 6 x 6 high mobility truck chassis, with central tyre inflation system. Enhanced self protection is provided by 12.7 heavy machine gun mounted on cabin’s roof. The vehicle has embedded feature of automatic leveling. 122mm rockets are fitted with HE warhead:

  •  unitary HE-FRAG warhead 

 Rockets are launched using signals from command panel, placed within cab or remotely from distances up to 25 m. System also has a capability of automatic reloading of the launcher. Automation level ensures launching of 64 rockets in less than 5 minutes.

It is recoil less automatic self-propelled multiple (32 barrels) rocket weapon intended for infliction of blows by 128 mm rockets M77 against important remote targets of large size, on land and water.