Додатне слике

Додатне слике

120 mm M95 mortar

120 mm M95 long range mortar has been developed in line with modern requirements for infantry fire support. It leverages on great tradition of mortar design, development and production in Serbian defence industry.

It is user-oriented weapon, which is corroborated by simplified handling and maintenance at the basic tactical level.


Its main features are:
  • robust design and high quality production, ensuring highly resistant structure,
  • operational reliability under adverse environmental and tactical conditions,
  • simplified design, providing easy disassembly without any additional tools,
  • rapid transition from marching into combat position and vice versa, providing rapid attack on the enemy position,
  • simplified aiming and laying procedure,
  • easy transportation.


In order to provide the safety of the crew positioned around the weapon, in case of the handle breakdown, mechanism is switched over to the “locked” position. Owing to its very shape and weight the base-plate provides the necessary weapon stability and endurance during firing in the field of action. It is circular in shape and is made of welded steel sheets. Connection with the barrel is achieved via the ball of the breech-piece bearing in the base plate thus providing for the circular action of the mortar by moving the bipod carriage).

Robustness of the base-plate ensures firing from all kinds of terrains while the bipod carriage enables taking of any pre-set barrel position and easy laying for traverse and elevation, together with the base-plate it ensures weapon stability during firing.