Dejan Ćurčić

Name:                                             Dejan Ćurčić


Citizenship:                                   Republic of Serbia

Date and Place of Birth:               20 May 1972, Prokuplje

Education:                                     Medical High School, Prokuplje;

Work experience:

  • 1993-2004  - Family business (hospitality industry and tourism);
  • 2004 to present – Owner of SUR „Prolom“ and „Gare's Konak“ villa in Prolom Banja;
  • President of Prolom Local Community Office, a two-term alderman in the Kursumlija Municipal Assembly;
  • 2010 – 2017 - Chairman of the Managing Board of the Student Boarding House in Prokuplje;
  • 2013 to present – Member of Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. Managing Board.

Оther activities:

  • Participant and organizer of humanitarian, cultural and sports events.