Activities 17.05.2016.

SOFEX 2016 Defense Exhibition, Aman-Jordan

SOFEX 2016 Defense Exhibition took place in the period from 9–12 December 2016 in Aman, Jordan.

Jugoimport-SDPR has been participating in this exhibition since 2004 and SOFEX 2016 was our seventh consecutive participation.

The emphasis of our presentation was placed on the tube artillery and multiple rocket launchers, Lasta aircraft, medium helicopter armaments, anitank guided missile systems, mortars, combat vehicles, infantry weapons and equipment, and ammunition – artillery, mortar, medium range and infantry ammunition. Jugoimport-SDPR’s offer was presented using a combination of promotional videos, posters, exhibits and models depending on the equipment in question.

The stand was visisted by many commercial visitors. 

For photos, follow the link.

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