News 05.10.2019.

Self-Propelled Howitzer "NORA B-52" and Armored Vehicle "MILOS" Presented at Military Parade in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus organized a large military parade in Nicosia on 1 October 2019 to celebrate the 59th anniversary of Cyprus Independence, which was attended by the Serbian Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin upon the invitation of its Cypriot counterpart, Minister of Defense Savvas Angelides.

For the first time in an EU country, Serbian-made self-propelled howitzers "Nora B-52" and combat vehicles "Milos" were presented at the parade as the new acquisitions of the Cypriot Armed Forces.

Namely, the first lot of self-propelled "Nora B-52" howitzers has recently been delivered to Cyprus, and the training of Cypriot soldiers in the operation of this artillery weapon is now in progress.

This is one of the biggest export contracts signed between the Serbian defense industry, i.e. Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. as the manufacturer of "Nora" and "Milos", and the Cypriot Armed Forces.

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