Activities 12.05.2015.

Permanent Exhibition of Armaments and Defense Equipment in Nikinci

The exhibition held for our foreign partners on 22th April, 2015, in a newly refurbished 2000 m2 show room in Nikinci, presented the most significant achievements in the defense industry in the world at the moment. The range of the exhibited defense products was a good indication of the trends in development of armaments and equipment to be used in the future, separately or included in particular weapons. The acquisition of such products also provides more efficient and focused development activities of YI-SDPR.

A series of presentations of various complex weapon systems has been organized on the test range within Technical Test Center:

1. Presentation of "Lazar 2" armored transporter vehicle and "BOV M11/10" combat vehicle. There was a demonstration of firing while driving Lazar 2, with the crew firing from the vehicle using AP rifles.

2. Presentation of "VB10" soldier of the future equipment, production ranges of non-lethal ammunition of "Trayal" and "Sloboda Čačak" factories.

*Firing from sniper rifle at the distance of up to 600 m.
*Firing from long-range sniper fire (Black Spear) at the distance of up to 700 m.
*Firing from "Coyote" machine gun at an armored plate at the distance of 500 m.
*Firing from AP rifle with optical sights at the targets set at the distance of 300 m.
*Firing from hand grenade launcher.
*Firing from M11 live, flash bang and smoke grenades.
*Firing from 38 mm/ 6M11 hand grenade launcher, using smoke and rubber, i.e. non-lethal bullets.

3. Demonstration of performances of "Lazar 2" vehicle was performed at the vehicle test ground for general tests: up-gradient test, positive/negative slope test, gap crossing and fording water tests.

A need for such an exhibition has arisen due to the upsurge in number and size of contracts won by the public company Yugoimport-SDPR, and its growing capacities and scope of offer.

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